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Independent Filmmakers, Actors, Musicians, Composers, Producers, Songwriters, Vocalists, Storytellers, and Artists of every stripe...

deepthr3e's FINITEmedia is a passion project— for you, our fellow creators, who understand that the greatest freedom— exists in creative freedom.

In addition to promoting collaborative and individual works to the public through social media, were working hard to help build the independent community, and provide artists like you (and me) with the tools and useful resources required to succeed.

We will produce content when we have a relevant perspective to share, and also curate & share links to  great content created by others.

We will produce applications, tools, and other resources (as time allows)— but with the same deepdesign philosophy we apply to every other project in our portfolio.

We strongly encourage other artists to submit articles, videos, tracks, or other content of their own creation, for inclusion in our public domain library. legal notice

Hit us up if you come across content created by someone else, that may help other artists  with their project.


Our mission is to set free the artist's expression, and help provide access to mainstream distribution. 

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