Publishing with Purpose:

'Death and Life are in the power of the tongue...', 'The pen is mightier than the sword...', 'It is the word that allows us to express ourselves and exchange ideas.' 


  • Words have power!

  • Words have meaning!

  • Words are everything!


Books contain the most precious element in the knowable Universe. The purpose of kineticgospel is to procure, publish, and promote such meaningful manuscripts. 

'HOLY: The Bible Companion' (our premiere publication), is an example of, and testament to, our commitment to achieving this noble goal. 

Follow the link below to the download:


King of Kings

We're Not Playing Games:

We're Makin'Em!


CHARIOTS, is The Brand New Classic | Two Player Strategy—-WITH A MIND BENDING TWIST!


This strategy game will challenge  the very limits of your creativity wit and logical prowess… and it's destined to become the new classic of this generation, in the same tradition of the old classics, Checkers and Chess!

  • Easy As CHECKERS

  • More Compelling than CHESS


Download the PRINTnPLAY file to make your own copy of this historic game, for evaluation and review. 


Be among the first to play this revolutionary competitive two player strategy game!

Download FREE for a limited time:


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We The Free Public...

In Order To Form An Even More Perfect Union: Stand United As OneNation To Declare Equality, Equity, and Justice... For All!

It is the Truth, that makes us free, and OneNation by d3 apparel 

speaks the Truth! The whole Truth...and nothing but the Truth!

'We're taking FREEDOM off of the page and making it REALITY' 

Pull some OneNation gear over your head, and let everybody else 
know what—- you already know...


Go To The Movies? Be in The Movies!


Back when Lucky got umm... lucky, and other VR developers were trying to figure out how they could make a joystick 'work' for VR Gaming...We started our controller design process by asking the right question, at the right time:

'If the goal is to simulate reality... Why not let the player choose a unique physical controller, that matches the action in the  game?' - ajb

We asked the right question… but, we were way ahead of the times. We approached the major game console manufacturers, but—- no lucky.

We were approached by an investment firm—- Two Years After We Had To Abandon The Patent, because of funding!



But, this tech is just too good to let it go to waste. So, now were making our loss—- Your Gain!


deepthr3e is now leading the open source development of these exciting VR game controllers!

Join our development community and stay up-to-date on specifications and best practices according to the original creator of this unrivaled VR Controller Technology!



Just Another 'Tech' In  The Crowd?


TECHTONIC is about revolutionary technologies, because evolutionary just means that someone probably didn't think it through the first time...


Think it's hype?

Check out some of our previous innovations:

  • DuelStick

  • RoomMate

  • RateMate

  • SWAT

…. and there's more coming. We've been doing this for awhile.

Big talk?


We have big ideas… and the knowledge and creative talent to back it up!

Haven't heard of us?


You Will.

'This is the Age Of Wonder—- everything is possible!' - ajb



Access Point:


Independent Filmmakers, Actors, Musicians, Composers, Producers, Songwriters, Vocalists, Storytellers, and Artists of every stripe… who work outside of the Industry.

deepthr3e's FINITEmedia is a 

passion project— for you fellow creators (and myself, ajb), who understand that the greatest freedom— exists in creative freedom.

'Why? …because I don't live in LA, and I don't plan to move there. But, I am a creator and I love the creative process' - ajb

I will produce content when I have a relevant perspective to share, and also curate & share links to  the best content created by others.

Hit us up if you have original content youl'd like to share, or if you come across great content created by someone else that you think I should checkout... or hit up the original creator, and tell them about FINITEmedia.



deepthr3e is the name of the studio, and it infers the guiding philosophy of always considering a multiple of perspectives- with bold humility.

Knowledge, Creativity, and Experience are applied to each project the studio approaches. We continuously strive for that illusive goal of perfection.


While deepthr3e can't always promise perfection, we can promise professionalism and the application of wisdom- while building the very best brands.

Artist, Author, and Inventor: I am Anthony Jon Beavers. The creator of deepthr3e.


'And, Oooh, do I have a story to tell' - ajb, author

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